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Angela Hunter is a resident of Charlotte, NC. She is an Author of two Inspirational Books titled; The Inspiration Room, and A Rescued Heart, both are available on Amazon and her official website; She’s a dynamic Inspirational Speaker, Radio Podcast Host, and a Certified Professional Life Coach that specializes in Spiritual growth, Health & Wellness, Relationships, and Career Branding.  

​Angela's personal and powerful testimony of going from Cocaine to Christ has inspired and enriched the lives of many that have witnessed her approach to life. Angela has worked with teenagers, youth groups, young adult groups, and novice Christians who are looking to strengthen their relationships with God, others, and themselves. For over 22 years as a Single Christian Angela has remained celibate- keeping her promise to God and waiting for marriage. Quite honestly, her message has remained the same over the years and she fortifies men and women alike to:

  • ​Allow Jesus to be the Lord of your life. You had your chance and some of us ended up in a ditch! Now- it's HIS turn. :o)
  • Don't make God "a part" of your life, allow Him to "take charge" of your life! Serve Him on every level!
  • Create balance and harmony in your life. You'll never change what you tolerate, so whenever you get sick and tired of being sick and tired- CALL ME for a Life Coaching session!
  • STOP rehearsing the HURT. God knows how to make all things NEW- You may not be able to "get over it"- BUT you CAN move past it! Trust Him!

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  • Angela is an Author
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  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Radio Podcast Host
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