2015 Summer Workshops:

High School Workshops --> Charlotte, NC / May 8th and May 15th

Greensboro, NC / May 21st and 22nd

College / University Workshops --> Chapel Hill, NC, Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC / Every Friday in June

Community College & Culinary Schools --> Charlotte, NC, and Charleston, SC / July 10th and 17th



Dedicated to connecting people with tools and resources that promote ongoing life goal achievements.  

We Offer 10

The Hunter Connection

The Hunter Connection

There is a Dis-connect, that The Hunter Connection will help you RE-connect


The 10 Workshops we offer will prepare, support, motivate and educate your 

students for “Career Ready” Success

  • Resume 101

  • Creating an Effective Resume 201

  • Preparing for an Interview 101

  • Professional Interviewing 201

  • Written Correspondence : Cover letters, Thank you letters, Follow up letters, Letters to your Network, and doing it all by Email.

  • Work Ethics and Workplace Behaviors

  • Creating your Professional Brand

  • Social Media and Online Manners

  • Professional Image (Dress for Success)

  • After Hour Etiquette : Professional or work events that take place after 5pm, business lunches / dinners,
    or Company sponsored parties and events.​

Career Ready Workshops

  • ​​The disconnect begins when the student is a senior in high school.

  • They graduate, go to College- get through College and they STILL don’t know how to navigate the Professional arena.

  • They’ve never been taught how to create an effective Resume, how to prepare and conduct themselves in an interview. They don’t know the rules surrounding personal and professional networking, they don’t know the keys to building long term business relationships, they don’t how to navigate through an application process, and they fumble with social media and brand management.

  • Who can blame them? They stumble until they’ve been coached.

  • I can coach them BEFORE they ruin their professional brand, BEFORE they blow their chance to interview, and BEFORE they begin strategizing and making decisions about their career goals.