On the other hand, we probably won't be a great fit if...

  • You have serious commitment issues

  • You think life is unfair and you have been dealt a poor hand –in other words, you see yourself as a victim

  • ​You think it’s cool to have a Life Coach, but don’t want to actually do any work

  • You have anger management issues that you like to take out on therapists 

  • You have psychiatric or medical issues

  • You’re Lindsey Lohan

  • You don’t necessarily know exactly what it is you want or maybe can’t quite articulate it yet, but you’re committed to making whatever it is happen

  • You want to move forward quickly and not spend 5 years pondering the meaning of life

  • You genuinely want to know what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself

  • You get that money alone won’t make you happy

  • You’re EAGER to try new things out

We will work amazingly together and you'll see results if...

I'm glad you're ready to make an investment

into your most precious resource:

YOU, the incredible YOU.

Am I the Coach for you? Life Coaches all have different areas of expertise and operate with slightly different approaches and styles. Read the lists below and then we should talk.

Seriously we should, because I can certainly help and probably a lot

quicker than you can imagine.

Which Package Fits You The Best?

There are several options available to work with me.

A La Carte
Session by Session coaching on one specified goal or area $70/hr.
Session by Session coaching on multiple goals or areas $85/hr.

Short Term Focused Coaching
Includes 3 months of nine 60 minute sessions (three 60 min. sessions per month) and two 15 min.

encouragement / check-in phone calls per month, on one specified goal. ~ $600.00 (about $200/mo.)

​Same amount of time yet focusing on multiple goals ~ $750.00

Long Term Goal Coaching
Multiple goals are looking to be achieved in various areas;( i.e.; Spiritual, Relationships, Career, etc). Includes
5 months of twenty 60 minute sessions (one 60 min. session per week) and four 15 min. encouragement / check-in
phone calls per month, on multiple specified goals. ~ $1300.00 (about $250/mo.)