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Life Coaching Services That Will Provide You With 4 Resources:

  • Relationship Management 

  • Career and Brand Management

  • Spiritual Growth & Wellness

  • Supporting People in Creating Full Balance in Their Lives

Angela Hunter

While Angela loves educating and leading people to be the best version of themselves, she has become an Author of two inspirational books that are available on Amazon. 

While I love educating and leading people to be the best version of themselves, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with a concentration in;

What Should You Expect from Coaching?
​I believe that having the proper life coaching foundation can invigorate and inspire successful living. It gives you the opportunity to experience the power of your core meaning while providing practical tactics to utilize in many aspects of your life. 
How it Works: Your coach (Me), will work with you on a month-to-month basis, with a typical three 60-minute sessions per month, and two 10 minute phone calls. First, you and I will start off with an introductory session to determine if we are the right fit for each other, as well as determine if coaching is appropriate for you. Once you've agreed that this is the move that you should make; you will then be guided through a Discovery phase, where I will want to learn more about you, your inspirations, motivations, goals, and dreams. In short- I will want to know what you're looking to ultimately achieve. 
You will then move into a phase of Value Development, where you and I will work together to align your values and your goals. Depending on the areas that you would want to have coaching support for, you will move forward into Strategy and Implementation phases, where you get to truly see yourself transform and move forward towards your ambitions. Every coaching session will work on prioritization for the following weeks and the agenda will always be yours to create. The last session of the month will involve planning and wrapping up to compare the differences you've made in your life. 
I will also provide you with tools and resources that guide you through your journey such as; book recommendations, reflecting exercises, as well as being available via email for any time you might feel stuck.
~ I am open to work face to face, virtually via Skype or telephone, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

~ Let's get started!

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