Single- 2 Hour Workshops:
Scheduling more than 2 workshops in a day:
3 sessions max per day (9-6pm)

$1000.00 /per session
$750.00 / per session
Ex: 3 session day: $2250.00

Helping students connect to the world as a PROFESSIONAL

Workshop Rates

The Hunter Connection

Career Ready

You will be invoiced upon your request. Cancellations must be 5 days in advance for a 50% refund, otherwise no refunds given.

Our workshops will prepare, support, motivate and educate your students for “Career Ready” success!

  • All A La Carte Workshops are interactive, they include downloadable resources and last 2 hours. 
  • If your school or organization requires multiple workshops, they can be arranged as 4-6 hour days with break-out sessions and a small breakfast, lunch, and mid-day snack provided.



  • All Workshop sessions begin at 9am Monday –Thursday with a max of 3 sessions.
  • Weekend sessions are offered on Saturdays only, with a start time of 10am and a max of 2 sessions. Weekend rates are an additional $50.00.
  • Participant limit for ALL sessions is 30 people.
  • Not a school or organization? But you want to get in on a workshop? The cost per individual, is $125- this price includes your NEW refreshed Resume!

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